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English 3 UTS

• Apollo, plagued by management problems, failed (to use an opportunity) => (to take advantage of) the trend.
• Depardieu (discovered) => (find out) that two of Apollo’s top French competitors were introducting a new line of suntan products.
• Suntanning was the symbol of success and leisure, (imaguning) => (conjuring up) images of the rich and famous relaxing on the beaches of St. Tropez.
• Mr. Depardieu never (adjusted) => (in order) to being the employees of a large foreign conglomerate.
• Mr. Depardieu was aware that many of his employees were (trying) => (looking for job) to find jobs elsewhere.
• Should production levels of the old (mainstay) => (bread and butter) products be sacrificed to produce the new product line?.
• Mr. Depardieu needed to determine how many working hours his employees required (so that) => (to get used ) to meet the deadline?.
• (Even though) => (in spite of) the difficult situation, Apollo must meet the deadline.

Managing Director : Right, let’s get started. As you knoe, we are just about to launch a major new product. But yesterday I was approached by a representative of our union, demading an introduction of flextime for their members and threatening some kind of go-slow. One departement has alredy banned overtime and I’m afraid that we could have a strike on our hands before long. I’ve called this meeting firstly to look into ways of avoiding any further industrial action and secondly to review the whole situation regarding flextime.
Perhaps you’d like to start, Bob, and put us in the picture.
Production Manager : Well Graham, this morning I spent three hours with the unions and basicsly they want the same privileges as our administrative people. Frankly I don’t blame them. They resent the fact that anybody with an office job can do exactly as they please.
Personnel Manager : Hold on, what do you mean by that ? Are you implying . . . .
Managing Director : Just a minute, Anne, let Bob finish what he was saying. We’ I come to your point later.
Production Manager : Anyway, as I was saying, my peopleresent the fact that your department can walk in at ten in the morning when we’ve already done half a day’s work. We have to be in the factory at seven, but your people can do exacly what they want.
Personnal Manager : What do you mean by that ? You know very well that everybody works fourty hours. The only difference is that they can come in anytime between seven and ten.
Managing Director : Look, all this is very interesting but you’re missing the point. The question is not whether flextime is a valid concept but how we’re going to avoid strike.
Now let’s move on. Why can’t we introduce flextime in your production depatment.
Production Manager : Well, it is not that I’ve got anything against flextime but you really can’t introduce it at shop floor level. We have to keep the assembly line moving at all times and it just wouldn’t be possible to have people coming in when they please. The plant is old and any changes would mean extensive redesign.
Personnal Managing : I’m sorry but that’s hardly my problem. You can’t expect me to drop a system just because you can’t find ways of adapting.

Managing DIrector : What are you feeling . . . . .
Marketing Manager : Well, personally , i think we have got to avoid . . . . .
Head of Research : I disagree complete . You are beeing to emotional . . . . .
Financial Director : And why not both ?? take the case of Neco . . . .
Managing Director : Yes, but you have got remember that neco is four times . . . . .
Head of Research : In other words , you wont take the risk.
Managing Director : On the countrary , philip, i'm only trying to do what is the best
Head of Research : Maybe, but if there is more profit . . . . .
Financial Director : Exactly, You’ve got to think of your shareholders too.
Managing Director : Well, I think we all need to think more about this whole matter . .

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